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“Does your kid like to run, jump and climb on everything…..alll the time…..everywhere you go? Don’t get frustrated with him/her, take them to Enso Movement and let them do what they were obviously born to do! The staff there is very professional, organized and most importantly, FUN! The part that my wife and I love the most is that classes are available all week long and on the weekends.” – Michael S.

“Great place for kids and adults to develop their parkour skills.” – Catherine A.

“Such a cool and unique place for kids AND adults to get fit. The coaches were all friendly and supportive, and I was impressed that they taught techniques right away from the first class. We can’t wait to go back and play some more!” – Erin K.

“We love the classes. The coaches are outstanding.” – Alicia D.

“Awesome coaches. Great attitude and vibe. Real and authentic, esp. if you’re into parkour. Great training for anyone of any age, not just kids. Check out Ben Webster’s tumbling and handstand class on Thursday nights or sign up to train privately with him. He’s a master!. It’s a really fun, positive place to learn how to MOVE!” – Jeff B.

“Impressed with the skills & genuine characters of these great instructors! My son is thrilled to be a part of the ENSO Movement!” – Minda S.

“My son has gone to themed week parkour camp at ensomovement for the past three summers and this year decided to begin taking a tricking class weekly. I am impressed with how carefully the students are trained to use controlled movement in something that looks so spontaneous. The instructors are a perfect balance of knowledgeable and approachable and my son highly respects them all.” – Kristi M.