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Leveling System

Our wristband system is a series of ten levels to help mark level-ups in progression of technique, strength, flexibility, and mindset! With safety being our highest priority, wristbands help us to designate students to the appropriate classes after they’ve shown us their ability to progress safely, demonstrate particular techniques / skillsets, hold enough experience, and embody a safe and strong mindset. Leveling up allows for new opportunities and privileges in the Enso Movement gym. Wristbands are required for class.

Wristbands must be earned in sequential order. During testing, a series of strength, endurance, and technical skills must be passed at 100%. Each part of the test allows for three opportunities before striking out. Upon completion of a passed or failed test, a coach will provide insight, tips, and feedback for the student to continue with improvement.

Band tests are done four times a year, following at best, school calendars. Check with our front desk or calendar for the next available testing date.

Testing Dates

Testing Weeks are done based on the respective programs. Each test should only take one class setting to fully finish. 

Parkour / Freerunning Level 1 – Weeks of March 5th, May 14th, July 23rd, October 1st, December 10th

All Other Programs – Weeks of April 2nd, July 9th, October 15th

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